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Homewood Architectural Style Guidelines Completed!

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Our very own, Alexis Hayes has been diligently working for months to prepare a style guide for Homewood residents. Today, we’re happy to share her work, which will be used by Homewood residents and stakeholders to strategize and implement future development and design improvements.

In the Guide:

  • Neighborhood patterns explain and analyze designated walking areas as well as amenities such as churches, schools, bus stops, the bus way and main access points to determine strengths and weaknesses of the community and identify areas which are best suited for development.
  • Architectural patterns present common architectural styles found throughout Homewood which can be referenced to determine proper design choices that will help to strengthen the neighborhood identity.

View the full guide here.

“This style guide outlines and illustrates both neighborhood and architectural patterns in Homewood. It was a pleasure working with the residents and organizations in Homewood to create a resource that can guide future improvements in their community”

-Alexis Hayes

alexisAlexis is a Leader In Training Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University and an Intern at Neighborhood Allies.








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