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Love My Neighbor! Grassroots Grantmaking Committee Convenes and Invites New Members!

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On Tuesday, December 6th, the Grassroots Grantmaking Committee (GGC) convened to begin planning the second round of Love My Neighbor! grants, which will open in January, 2017!


The GGC, is the team which is responsible for reviewing applications, interviewing residents, and making final decisions on Love My Neighbor! resident-led projects. The GGC welcomed 10 returning members and 8 new members from across the seven target communities. The new committee builds upon the large investment of time, work and energy by last year’s GGC, who created the foundational guidelines for the program.

Michelle King, GGC Member representing Wilkinsburg

Michelle King, GGC Member representing Wilkinsburg

During the gathering, the resident leaders introduced themselves and shared something positive happening in their lives. Michelle King of Wilkinsburg shared “the committee feels like family to me. I come here and I know I am going to get hugs!” New members shared that they looked forward to the opportunity to learn and grow by learning about the work and efforts happening in other communities. Overall, feelings of warmth and excitement were palpable and the motivation and energy to move forward together was unanimous and wonderful.

We’re pleased to announce the distinguished members of the Love My Neighbor! Grassroots Grantmaking Committee:

  • Brettney Duck, Homewood
  • Deacon Thomas , Lincoln-Lemington Community
  • Denise Rudar, Borough of Millvale
  • Donna Jackson, Larimer Community
  • Erica Winstead, Homewood Community
  • Frank Tillman, Borough of Wilkinsburg
  • Jarmil Anderson, Lincoln-Lemington Community
  • Jmar Bey, Hilltop Communities
  • Jody Guy, Borough of Wilkinsburg
  • Jolie Valentine, Hilltop Communities
  • Katherine Schuler, Borough of Millvale
  • Kevin McNair, Hill District Community
  • Kirk Jalbert, Borough of Millvale
  • LaShawna Russ, Hilltop Communities
  • Michelle King, Borough of Wilkinsburg
  • Paul Abernathy, Hill District Community
  • Tia Torres, Hill District Community
  • Vanessa Whitfield, Lincoln-Lemington Community

The GGC will convene throughout the winter and spring of 2017. Stay tuned for more information!

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