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Neighborhood Allies Partners with Propel Schools to Expand the Fund My Future Program

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Fund My Future (FMF) is an innovative program that has helped hundreds of local families save for college and beyond. In 2017, Neighborhood Allies partnered with Propel Schools to successfully expand this program to reach all children from birth to age 18 throughout Allegheny County.

County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto and Pittsburgh City Councilman Dan Gilman were joined by representatives from Propel Schools and Neighborhood Allies to announce the countywide expansion.

Neighborhood Allies got involved with FMF and Propel Schools because of the natural alignment and impact that this program has on Quality of Life in neighborhoods. Neighborhoods that have a high quality of life are places where residents are able to build assets, accumulate wealth and connect to economic opportunities, and the FMF Program is positioning children and families to do just that. Over the past year, Propel Schools and Neighborhood Allies have been partnering to:

  • Develop and build the infrastructure necessary for civic mobilization around FMF
  • Mobilize and launch the program with active participation from the City, County, nonprofits, corporations and families
  • Onboard of up to 12 sites with access to tech tool and communications materials to promote deposit activity
  • Ensure effective communications between various partners involved in FMF expansion
  • Plan for 2018 Continuation of the FMF program

Today, we’re happy to announce the award of two grants totaling $150,000!

McAuley Ministries $75,000

Grable Foundation $75,000

For more information on Fund My Future and how your family can start saving for the future, visit!

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