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Neighborhood Allies Welcomes Javier Janik as Program Manager of Economic Opportunity!

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Please join us in welcoming Javier Janik to the Neighborhood Allies Team!

Javier Janik joins our team as the Program Manager of Economic Opportunity. In this role, he will support the programs and initiatives of Neighborhood Allies’ Economic Opportunity portfolio, as successful partnerships and persistent community needs have positioned it for growth. He will contribute to sustaining and scaling fundraising efforts, help nurture and develop programmatic partnerships, and review research on topics and trends that can improve initiatives.

Javier brings several years of experience in the banking sector as a financial analyst and nearly a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector to the team. Some of his previous positions include teaching English, math, literacy, chess, and physical education to children in Peru with an education nonprofit and managing the Pittsburgh Schweitzer Fellows program. He is also a proud AmeriCorps alumni.

Prior to joining Neighborhood Allies, Javier served as the Disaster Response Program Coordinator at Brother’s Brother Foundation, where he managed efforts related to disaster preparedness and response. During his time there, he was instrumental in implementing solar energy installation at health clinics in Puerto Rico, aided in the resupplying and reconstructing of schools hit by Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas, and coordinated fundraising efforts and collaborated with on-the-ground partners to distribute resources to communities hit by the earthquakes in Puerto Rico in January of 2020.

Javier currently serves on the board of Light and Leadership Initiative, an educational nonprofit operating in Peru. He is also passionate about working with youth and volunteers as a soccer coach for the nonprofit organization known as Open Field. He has also walked every step across the continental United States, from Virginia Beach to San Diego.

Javier pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and obtained his Master’s degree in International Development from University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs.

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