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Pgh Mobile Toolbox Is Back for Its Second Season!

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Beginning in May 2018, GTECH and Neighborhood Allies will begin the second season of this shared community resource for resident use.

This resource is perfect for volunteer groups and organizations who need landscaping tools for neighborhood cleanups, vacant lot beautification, or the implementation and maintenance of food gardens, green infrastructure, trails or general community gathering spaces.

It’s not just tools and supplies that the PGH Mobile Toolbox equips you with, but also a team of skilled and experienced green space professionals that will lend you support in the planning and implementation of your workday.

This year, Tom Mulholland, will be serving as the point of contact for all of your workday registration and planning needs. As a project coordinator at GTECH, Tom has contributed to the implementation of over a dozen green-space projects and was highly involved with the behind-the-scenes work that kept the wheels pinning on the Toolbox project in 2017. He is happy to employ his experience in reclaiming vacant land to help you make the most of your toolbox workdays.

Hilltop Rising are returning as the official PGH Mobile Toolbox hauler this year. Hilltop Rising is an outgrowth of the South Hilltop Men’s Group, a community organization “on a mission to reclaim our streets, restore our community pride and repair the damage that was done by years of disinvestment and neglect.” Hilltop Rising staff will be present at each PGH Mobile Toolbox Workday to offer their skills, support, and experience to your project.

Interested in hosting your very own workday? Visit the Lots To Love website to learn more and even reserve the PGH Mobile Toolbox for your community project!

  • The season kicked off at the African Healing Garden in Larimer with GGC Member Miss Betty Lane!

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