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Pittsburgh’s First Blight Bootcamp!

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Our allies at GTECH are blogging about Pittsburgh Blight Bootcamp! We all thought it was a great day of networking, learning and collaborating. What did you think? Read the full post here!



“Fighting blight is definitely a collaborative effort, and the bootcamp encouraged interaction and support of the others around us fighting the same fight. Everyone in the group I brought were left feeling inspired and motivated by each other and by connections they made.”

– Bethany Bloise, Mon Valley Initiative


“I think this is an excellent way to connect dedicated people to resources and I hope it continues.”

– Angela Williams, Resident Advocate

“I loved that residents, organizations and local government all had an opportunity to represent their concerns surrounding blight. I am very excited about all the connections made that day and I hope that all of these groups are now even stronger partners.”

– Lydia Kramer, GTECH Strategies

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