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Thank you, Opportunity Fund!

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We’d like to thank our newest funder, the Opportunity Fund, for supporting Neighborhood Allies’ comprehensive work to unleash the gifts, talents and community voice of Pittsburgh residents!

Neighborhood Allies believes that one of the most important strategies for the equitable development of historically disadvantaged communities is to identify and unlock the gifts and talents of the people living in them. We are guided by the belief that all residents have strengths and aspirations that, when nurtured and supported, define community goals as well as drive and sustain neighborhood transformation.

“Neighborhood Allies plays a vital role in supporting the transformation of historically distressed and transitional neighborhoods into healthy ones by nurturing, unleashing and trusting the strengths of residents in these very same communities. It is a profoundly humane, beautifully implemented and deeply effective theory of change that the Opportunity Fund is proud to support.”

– Jake Goodman, Executive Director, Opportunity Fund

The Opportunity Fund recently made a $50,000 grant to support this important work, specifically our Equitable Development/All-In Pittsburgh and Love My Neighbor! Programs. These programs are focused on breaking down barriers of inequality by linking low-income communities of color with the region’s economic resurgence and advancing a new model of equitable growth.

With this support, Neighborhood Allies will continue to grow equitable, compassionate and effective grassroots grantmakers, and ensure that residents have voice and influence in the decisions that shape their neighborhoods. We accomplish this by offering important training and sessions for residents that will support their vision for their community on topics like effective teamwork and relationship building, the history of racism and injustice, implicit bias training, adaptive leadership, active listening/appreciative inquiry, and asset-based community development.

Our work would not be possible without the tremendous support of funders like the Opportunity Fund. Thank you for your new partnership, commitment and support of our mission to support the people, organizations and partnerships committed to creating and maintaining healthy neighborhoods!

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