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The BlackTeaBrownSuga Network | Q&A with ‘Mom Chat’ Show Host Iyanna Bridges

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Based in McKees Rocks, BlackTeaBrownSuga is a force in giving a voice to the people through access to space, media, and technology for Black creatives. The BlackTeaBrownSuga Network (BTBSN) is empowering members of the community to challenge and correct injustices, whether they be social or judicial, community wide or personal. Overall, they seek to give members of the community the resources, knowledge, and confidence to be pro-active, change-makers.

BTBSN has a wide variety of shows that opens up space to talk about community concerns and issues, bring important injustices to light, or simply provide an outlet for creative self-expression. One of those shows is ‘Mom Chat,’ a talk show focused on the ups and downs of motherhood that helps connect community members to resources and shares advice from life experiences. Check out this Q&A with Mom Chat co-host Iyanna Bridges!

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved with the BlackTeaBrown Suga Network.

“Hi, my name is Iyanna Bridges, I’m a mother of 4 beautiful girls. 2 years ago I started my journey as a birth doula, and I just recently completed my certification as a sex doula. I’m the owner of The Birthing Hut, which is a maternal health collaborative. We provide resources to access services and support in the community through our Facebook support group PGH Black Birth. We also provide access to Pittsburgh Black birth professionals.

I started off as a guest host on Mom Chat – we were discussing homeschooling. From there, BlackTeaBrownSuga has pretty much been stuck with me. So Eszquire didn’t have a choice but to make me a permanent host for Mom Chat.”

What show do you host on BTBSN and what topic did it cover that meant the most to you?

“I’m a host for Mom Chat, and the topic that meant the most to me would have to be when we covered my homebirth. We played the video of my birth and I got to discuss why I made that decision, and get my story out there. Its important for black women to hear about successful homebirths and to know their options for their birth stories.”

What inspires you most in life and what inspired you to share your stories on Mom Chat?

“My daughters inspire me in life, and my community inspires me to share my story. Everything I do is for the improvement of Black women’s maternal health.”

Why do you think a platform like BTBSN is important to the community

“This platform is important to the community because it not only provides a safe space for the community to share their story and be heard but it also brings the community together when discussing topics that hit home.”

The BlackTeaBrownSuga Network is our 2020 Neighborhood Image Awardee! CEO Eszquire Harris is passionate about giving his community a voice, and is always working to make a positive impact in others’ lives.

Follow the 2020 Healthy Neighborhoods Awardee Campaigns on all of our social media channels and by searching #2020HNAwards!

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