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The Pittsburgh Foundation Awards $225,000 Operating Grant to Neighborhood Allies in Support of Our Continued Commitment to Make Neighborhoods Healthier & Stronger

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We would like to thank The Pittsburgh Foundation for a $225,000 grant to support our organization’s work around building healthy, equitable and resilient neighborhoods through capacity and equity!

This grant will support Neighborhood Allies’ mission of creating and maintaining healthy neighborhoods through the following programs:

  • Community Capacity Building &  Grassroots Grants
  • Catalytic Grantmaking
  • Community Capacity Building
  • Centralized Real Estate Accelerator
  • Neighborhood Development
  • Economic Opportunity for All
  • Responsive Programming in Uncertain Times: We are working diligently to respond to the current COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis in a manner that is both strategic and effective. This opportunity has allowed Neighborhood Allies to bring its human and programming capital to respond to the most pressing needs. To that end, we created the Neighborhood Allies’ (Covid Accelerated Relief Effort) ‘CARE Package’ consists of the following components: 1) Economic Opportunity Rapid Response Team; 2) Paycheck Protection Program Assistance; 3) Get-online & Grow on-line- ‘GOGO’, an e-commerce assistance program for small businesses; 4) The CARE Fund; and 5) Mental health support services.

Funding for the above programs is being provided by:

  • Melissa S. McKee Carnahan Trust
  • Regional Resources, Inc. Fund
  • Norman Spang Fund
  • Gilbert and Margaret McMaster Fund
  • Ray H. Kohl Fund

The Pittsburgh Foundation has been a generous and long-time supporter of Neighborhood Allies, enabling us to run and deploy numerous successful and impactful programs and initiatives that directly have positive impact on Pittsburgh residents. Thank you for your ongoing and generous support, The Pittsburgh Foundation!

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