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Welcome to the New Grassroots Grantmaking Committee Members!

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We’re proud to introduce the newest cohort for the Love My Neighbor Grassroots Grantmaking Committee! These individuals are weavers. A weaver is someone that learns about new ideas, resources, and opportunities and shares—or weaves—them with the relevant people and associations in their neighborhoods.

These GGC members are self-motivated to improve the health of their whole neighborhood. They may have a focus or specific area of interest; however, they notice the incredible importance of improving communities holistically: though caring about your issue area or project, GGC members remain conscious and active in the other relevant and interlocking spheres of life impacting neighbors. By engaging with a curriculum and in discussion with other practitioners, GGC members are eager to learn new and different ways to strategically invest and solve challenging problems in communities.

Brettney Duck | Homewood
Denise Rudar | Millvale
Donna Jackson | Larimer
Erica Winstead | Homewood
Frank Tillman | Wilkinsburg
Jarmil Anderson | Lincoln-Lemington
Jerry Gaudi | Wilkinsburg
Jody Guy | Wilkinsburg
Jolie Valentine | Allentown
Jordana Stephens | Homewood
Katherine Schuler | Millvale
Kevin Alton | Beltzhoover
Kevin McNair | Hill District
Riley Arnold | Larimer
Justin LeWinter | Millvale
Sharnay Davis Hearn | Hill District
Ruby Williams | Knoxville

Click here for more information on the GGC!

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