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What’s Good in the Neighborhood?

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From Neighborhood Allies team members being honored, to investment in resident-led projects, to the launch of multiple networks and collaborations–here’s a look back at our most viewed stories of 2017!

1. Pittsburgh nonprofit leader named to KeyBank corporate responsibility council

  • Presley was one of 18 leaders picked coast to coast to serve on the KeyBank National Advisory Council as part of its five-year, $16.5 billion community investment program. Read the full article.

2. 25 resident-led projects, nine neighborhoods, over $47,000 of direct investment into communities!

  • Meet 25 residents who received funding to support neighborhood improvement projects totaling over $47,000 of direct investment into their communities! Read the full article.

3. Neighborhood Allies Launches Community Trauma Fellowship

  • With generous support from Staunton Farm Foundation, Lillian Grate joined Neighborhood Allies as our Community Trauma Fellow. Read the full article.

4. 1st Annual Healthy Neighborhoods Celebration & Award Ceremony!

  • Our inaugural event brought together resident leaders, community development professionals, and local stakeholders to honor and celebrate examples of exemplary local work being done to create positive social impact in low income communities. Read the full article.

5. Neighborhood Allies Proudly Announces the Launch of the Real Estate Co-Powerment Series!

  • A $75,000 Catalytic Grant Award to Omicelo Cares, marked the launch of the Real Estate Co-Powerment Series! Read the full article.

6. Neighborhood Allies Annouces the Partnership Network!

  • The Partnership Network is a multi-organizational initiative that aims to have a positive impact on the system by working together and developing, improving, or uplifting efforts that work – in service to our neighborhoods. Read the full article.

7. Get To Know Your Allies | Consultant Edition | Tom Hardy of Palo Alto Partners

  • Tom Hardy, local consultant and owner of Palo Alto Partners, works with Neighborhood Allies, as part of a team of consultants, on our Shared Real Estate Talent program and as an instructor for the Real Estate Co-Powerment Series. Read the full article.

8. Equitable Development Steering Committee is Formed to Guide the Path to an All-In Pittsburgh

  • In early 2016, Pittsburgh embarked upon a journey to put forth an equitable development vision and strategy to ensure low-wealth Pittsburghers participate in and benefit from the region’s economic transformation. Read the full article.

9. Presley Gillespie Will Be Honored at the 2017 Smart 50 Awards

  • Our very own, Presley Gillespie, was selected as one of the 2017 Smart 50 Awards Honorees. The Smart 50 Awards recognize the top executives of 50 companies in the region for their ability to effectively build and lead savvy organizations. Read the full article.

10. 9 neighborhoods, 20 resident-led projects, over $30K in grants #LoveMyNeighbor!

  • Meet the inaugural grantees of our Love My Neighbor! Program and see the 20 resident projects from nine neighborhoods that received grants totaling over $30,000 of direct investment into their communities! Read the full article.

Cheers to 2018, allies!


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