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Your Allies At Work| Neighborhood Allies Top Stories of 2018

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1. Congratulations to the 2018 Healthy Neighborhood Awardees!

Our 2018 Healthy Neighborhood Awardees Included: Henry Horn-Pyatt, Trade Institute of Pittsburgh, Brashear Association, Afro American Music Institute, Urban Redevelopment Authority and Riverside Center for Innovation.

2. Stephanie (Miller) Chernay Joins Neighborhood Allies Team as Chief Operating Officer!

3. Neighborhood Allies 2017 Report to the Community

It was our privilege to share our 2017 Report to the Community: A Journey to Building Healthy Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh!

4. Call for LOIs from local organizations who seek funding to support neighborhood revitalization projects in Pittsburgh communities

5. Neighborhood Allies/LISC Make $1.45MM Investment In Transformative Roxian Theatre Project!

In partnership with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), Neighborhood Allies offers financing, technical assistance and added capacity for a large range of community development and housing projects. Today, we’re happy to announce the closing of our most recent local financing package, a combination of loans, made to the McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation and a private ownership group to support the renovation of the historic Roxian Theatre!

6. Neighborhood Allies Welcomes DeOndra Parker to the Team!

7. The Real Estate Co-Powerment Spring Series Kicks off on April 24th! Apply today!

“The Real Estate Co-Powerment Series increased my understanding of real estate redevelopment and how to properly work with city and private agencies to accomplish the goals of my community. What followed after graduating from the Series, was the confidence to believe in the process. Confidence then gave way to courage. Some folks participate in the cohort for personal reasons, some for professional reasons. No matter the individual purpose, we all want our communities to be healthy.”

8. The Forbes Funds and Neighborhood Allies launch new initiative to drive nonprofit collaboration

9. Neighborhood Allies Responds to Community and Expands Funding Pool for Grants to Residents!

With double the amount of applicants and creative project ideas than 2017, Our Love My Neighbor! grant program reached and supported more of Pittsburgh’s residents than ever! As a result of the increased efforts by the residents in our communities, Neighborhood Allies increased the grant pool from $63,000 to $100,000 for the third round of Love My Neighbor! Grant Funds.

10. Where are they now? Building Community Capacity in Carrick and Knoxville

Cheers to Healthy Neighborhoods in 2019!

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