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Neighborhood Allies 2019 Report to the Community

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It is our privilege to share our 2019 Report to the Community: A Journey to Building Healthy Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh! We are so immensely grateful for all of your support, commitment, and dedication to making our communities stronger, safer and healthier.  We look forward to increasing the scale of our impact in 2020!

[Click the image to view or download a PDF]

This Annual Report to the Community highlights our work during 2019, before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. We are proud of our accomplishments over the past year, but also want to note that since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have shifted our goals slightly in order to address immediate issues that our partners and allies are facing as a result. We created our COVID Accelerated Relief Effort (CARE) Package, which includes emergency grants for partners, aid for small businesses, re-imagined financial counseling, and more. We strongly believe that these actions will not only ensure the stability and well-being of our partners and allies, but build a strong foundation for future growth and impact.

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