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Healthy Neighborhoods Celebration & Awards Ceremony

Each year, using Neighborhood Allies’ Healthy Neighborhoods Framework as the inspiration, the Healthy Neighborhoods Celebration & Award Ceremony, honors and celebrates examples of exemplary work in the following categories–Market Confidence, Quality of Life, Neighborhood Image, Community Ownership, Equitable Development, and Ally of the Year. In the face of the challenges this year has presented, many organizations and community members have stepped up to answer the needs of their community or continued their crucial work to create healthy neighborhoods across Pittsburgh. Now more than ever is the time to honor their dedication to Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

This year, our flagship celebration has looked different, but we can all agree that it’s as important as ever to lift up and honor those who are working hard every day to build healthy neighborhoods. In lieu of an in-person gathering and award ceremony we have directed all attention where it is most deserved–on the people who are on the ground, dedicated to doing this important and crucial work.

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You can also see weekly recaps of each awardee’s highlight week by clicking their images below or via the navigation bar!

Healthy Neighborhood Award Categories:

  • Market Confidence: Neighborhoods with market confidence have a strong housing market for all income levels and a thriving business district that contributes to rising housing values and residential sales prices. The community manages market forces to prevent displacement of people and local businesses and the neighborhood is a place where people want to live and invest time, resources and capital.
  • Quality of Life: Neighborhoods that have a high quality of life are places where residents are able to access the larger economy and quality neighborhood amenities. They are able to build assets, accumulate wealth and connect to economic opportunities and their neighborhood is safe and the environment and social determinants of health positively impact the well-being of families and neighbors.
  • Neighborhood Image: Neighborhoods with a celebrated image are places that are visually appealing and desirable to all, celebrating neighborhood pride and attracting new people and investment while retaining new and long-term residents.
  • Community Ownership: Neighborhoods with community ownership have residents, small business owners, community organizations and institutions serving as active participants and key decision-makers in neighborhood revitalization projects. Local residents and leaders have the capacity and community power to create positive change and shape the future of their neighborhood.
  • Equitable Development: A neighborhood that prioritizes equity is one where everyone participates in and benefits from the region’s economic transformation — especially low-income residents, communities of color, immigrants and others at risk of being left behind. Equitable development requires an intentional focus on eliminating racial inequities and barriers and making investments that yield healthy, safe and opportunity-rich neighborhoods that reflect their culture.
  • Ally of the Year: An individual or organization that embodies what it means to be a “neighborhood ally” by genuinely partnering and collaborating with Neighborhood Allies to help advance our mission of supporting the people,organizations and partnerships committed to creating and maintaining healthy neighborhoods.
  • 2020 Impact: This year, we are also accepting nominations for organizations or individuals who have made a significant impact in their community through direct COVID-19 relief efforts, such as providing food or resources to neighbors, or who have worked to address ongoing issues of injustice and racism against the Black community.

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