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Funder of the Month: The Heinz Endowments

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We are so very proud to call The Heinz Endowments our ally, supporter and partner as we work together to help the region thrive as a whole community, economically, ecologically, educationally and culturally. Our work would not be possible without the tremendous support of long-time, core funders like Heinz, who has been supporting Neighborhood Allies since the very beginning. In fact, Heinz was very instrumental in the formation and launch of Neighborhood Allies and has helped shape our organization into the entity we are today! We’d like to take this opportunity to showcase and thank The Heinz Endowments for their continued commitment and support of our mission to support the people, organizations and partnerships committed to creating and maintaining thriving neighborhoods.

Support from Heinz enables Neighborhood Allies run and deploy numerous successful and impactful programs including, but not limited to our Penn Plaza Relocation efforts and our Community Development Fellowship Program, which was launched in 2014 with a grant from the Endowments.

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