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Funder Spotlight | PNC Bank

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We are proud to call PNC Bank our ally and supporter as we work together to build healthy neighborhoods and improve the quality of life in Pittsburgh by addressing community issues and critical needs of our residents.

PNC is a long-time supporter of Neighborhood Allies, and has stepped up in a big way in 2019, supporting us in our work to create and implement bold multi-dimensional approaches to break the cycle of poverty, close the wealth gap and improve the overall quality of life of Pittsburgh residents with not only a $50,000 grant in support of our Economic Opportunity for All Work, but also as the Presenting Sponsor of our 3rd Annual Healthy Neighborhoods Celebration!

Over the years, funding from PNC has supported everything from our on the ground work in Homewood, to our Community Capacity Building program, to our local network of Financial Opportunity Centers (FOCs), to the Pittsburgh Mobile Toolbox and our Healthy Neighborhoods Celebration. Its ongoing investments are critical to helping us implement our mission of supporting the people, organizations and partnerships committed to creating and maintaining healthy neighborhoods.

“In keeping with our Main Street bank philosophy, PNC works to help strengthen the communities we serve through lending and investments that improve quality of life and bring economic empowerment, health and vibrancy to neighborhoods across our footprint. We enthusiastically support the work of Neighborhood Allies that helps to create and maintain healthy neighborhoods in the Pittsburgh region,” says Laura Swiss, vice president in community development banking for PNC Bank. 

2019 Investments |

A $50,000 grant to support Neighborhood Allies’ Economic Opportunity program, focuses on improving the lives of low-income residents, which helps struggling families in Pittsburgh by connecting them to the information, resources, tools and personalized assistance that will enable them to realize their dreams. With this support, and through our Asset Building Network (ABN), we will provide opportunities to families to stabilize their finances and acquire the assets needed to become financially secure.

For the third consecutive year, PNC has been the Presenting Sponsor of our flagship event, the Healthy Neighborhoods Celebration. This annual event brings together our unique network of allies, ranging from local residents, to nonprofit professionals, to artists and executives to honor and lift up the people and organizations who are working hard every day to build healthy neighborhoods across Pittsburgh. Each year, six awards are given, each accompanied by a short video, highlighting the awardees work and how they are contributing to building Healthy Neighborhoods.

Our work would not be possible without the tremendous and consistent support of funders like PNC. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank PNC for their continued commitment, generous support as we collectively work to revitalize neighborhoods, and improve the lives of our residents!

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