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Grantee Spotlight | Community Kitchen Pittsburgh Relocation

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A grant from Neighborhood Allies supported the relocation and consolidation of the Community Kitchen Pittsburgh to a historic building in Hazelwood.

Photo by: ACTION Housing | Community Kitchen Pittsburgh will undertake job training in this space, preparing participants for employment in the fast-growing Pittsburgh culinary industry.

Project Background

Photo by: ACTION Housing

The Hazelwood Second Avenue Redevelopment is an initiative of ACTION-Housing that began in 2013 when they acquired the former D’Imperios Market and negotiated an option for another historic building, which is just down the block. ACTION’S work on Second Avenue has been focused on renovating existing commercial structures with the goal of revitalizing the neighborhood’s historic main street. Today, the former D’Imperios Market houses LaGourmadine French Bakery’s production facility and a small storefront bakery and in just a few months, Community Kitchen Pittsburgh (CKP) will move into a renovated historic four story brick building that was originally constructed in 1911.

“The support of Neighborhood Allies in this cooperative effort to revitalize a portion of Second Avenue in Hazelwood had a considerable impact on our success in re-purposing a long-abandoned historic building while bringing new jobs and a dynamic program to the neighborhood. The Neighborhood Allies grant had a considerable impact on the success of this effort.”

Neighborhood Allies Impact On The Ground

The CKP relocation to Hazelwood is part of a $4.3M real estate project which included the redevelopment of two vacant historic buildings and four vacant lots in the heart of Hazelwood. The grant from Neighborhood Allies played an integral part in this project by positioning the partners to identify funders for the expansion of the Community Kitchen into Hazelwood and the subsequent success they have had in obtaining that funding. Community Kitchen was successful in securing $200,000 in Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) credits with UPMC as the sponsor. As a result of this fundraising support, Community Kitchen Pittsburgh is completing the first floor build-out of their new home in Hazelwood, intending to move in by early July, 2017.

By moving all operations there, it allows CKP to be situated in the neighborhood and begin immediately recruiting local residents into its training and transitional employment programs, while expanding our programming in the neighborhood and engaging residents in plans for integrated community activities in the space. They are also part of an overall revitalization effort underway along this business corridor.

In this facility they will:

  • Operate catering and contract services fully integrated with their flagship culinary training and transitional employment programming.
  • Provide on-site food education classes and workshops while continuing in-school and community-based workshops. Both will focus on those transitioning to independent living from foster care, homelessness, and other institutional support.
  • As a redistribution organization for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, CKP will be able to provide pantry services to community members to augment existing services, focusing on fresh produce and protein because they are often in short supply at food pantries.
  • Provide commissary support and opportunities for local food entrepreneurs to have pop-up restaurant nights. CKP support of food entrepreneurs generates employment for its graduates, and as the food service scene grows, they can expand our reach.
  • The second phase of the project involves launching a full-service restaurant (2018).

“Having funds to utilize a professional grant writer is critically necessary support for nonprofits with small staff. A project of this scale requires financial support beyond our local funding community, and Community Kitchen would not have had the time or capacity internally to apply for the government grants or the tax credit program without this support.”


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