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Top executives strengthen the region, contribute to its economic success

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Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. is honored to partner with Smart Business to present the 2017 Pittsburgh Smart 50 Awards.

It’s humbling to learn about this year’s Smart 50 honorees and what they are doing.

We’re a city of champions — still! Not only are we repeat champions on the ice, but we continue to win in boardrooms all over the region.

The oil and gas industry is rebounding and the Pennsylvania Shell ethylene cracker plant project is underway. Harper’s Bazaar named Pittsburgh one of the Best Places to Travel in 2017. Researchers are leading the way with the development of autonomous vehicles, robotics and artificial intelligence. And smaller stories are percolating in our business and nonprofit communities.

All of our Smart 50 honorees are people who are having a positive impact in the community. They are coming up with new ideas and making us more sustainable.

During Smart 50 judging day, where we heard directly from more than 30 of the honorees, it was inspirational to hear how they were describing innovation, impact and sustainability in so many different ways.

We heard about more than just new products and services, but also inclusive management styles, engaged corporate cultures and innovative approaches to leadership. We learned how they made the tough decisions as industries changed and the economy tightened. And, we were exposed to savvy leaders who were building upon the legacies of the past to write exciting new stories for their organizations’ futures.

This year’s Smart 50 honorees are from a diverse set of businesses and industries, yet they all share a passion for their work.

On behalf of the entire Western Pennsylvania Gallagher team, congratulations to each of you for your accomplishments and receiving well-deserved recognition for leading successful organizations.

Read the full article to meet all of the honorees!

Presley Gillespie
Neighborhood Allies

Since Presley Gillespie’s first day on the job in May 2014, he’s been committed to injecting new energy into community development partner, Neighborhood Allies, which is equal parts funder, lender, connector and consultant. His corporate background is helping the nonprofit operate with business principles so it remains mission-centric while preserving and growing capital.

Under Gillespie, Neighborhood Allies quadrupled its funding sources from four to more than 25, and added earned, fee-based revenue. It also invested over $6.5 million directly into neighborhoods, in addition to providing advice, training and support.

Recognizing the need for more inclusion, Neighborhood Allies created a Community Development Fellowship that aims to build a pipeline of talented, minority professionals from underserved communities for the next generation of community development leaders.

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