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Confidentiality Policy


As a non-profit organization, Neighborhood Allies places a high priority on protecting your privacy. The Neighborhood Allies Privacy Policy is designed to inform you about our practices regarding collection, use, and disclosure of information provided to us through any of our grants, activities, programs, or other initiatives.


This policy outlines Neighborhood Allies’ practices utilized to safeguard personal information. Personal information is defined as any information that may be used to identify an individual including, but not limited to, a first and last name, a home or other physical address, and an email address or other contact information. Neighborhood Allies may collect this personal information for individuals participating in any of the programs sponsored or hosted by the organization.

We maintain files with information related to the client, program compliance or completion, and transactions within the organization. We may also maintain program-specific information and conduct surveys or other studies for marketing and/or planning purposes.


Neighborhood Allies takes a number of steps to protect the privacy and ensure the security of your personal information.

  1. Personal information is kept under physical, electronic, and procedural controls that comply with or exceed applicable government standards.
  2. Personal information is only accessible to employees or contractors when it is relative to the programming for which the client has given the personal information.
  3. Outside contractors working on behalf of Neighborhood Allies are required to meet the minimum privacy policy standards set forth in this document. They must also agree to use personal information solely for the services they are under contract to perform.
  4. Personal information will not be transferred to third parties not directly involved in activities of the organization unless the client has given written permission.


Neighborhood Allies program clients may be asked to share their information for marketing purposes. Clients are under no obligation to do so. Clients who agree to share information will be asked to sign a consent statement agreeing to the use of their information for marketing purposes. Personal information utilized for marketing purposes will be limited to what is relevant. For example, a client may be asked to share their story of success through a Neighborhood Allies-sponsored program and provide a testimonial for marketing materials.


Because private foundations and public charities are held to certain transparency standards, documents submitted to Neighborhood Allies such as basic contact information, IRS determination letters, audits, and IRS 990s are not considered confidential information. A non-profit organization may request that specific materials submitted, or conversations/correspondence with Neighborhood Allies staff, be kept confidential, to be approved at staff’s discretion. Generally, we may share information with our foundation and philanthropic partners, unless you request that your information remain confidential.


Any personal information provided by individuals via the Neighborhood Allies website,, will be utilized strictly for the purposes defined by the submission.


The personal information you provide to Neighborhood Allies will be used solely to deliver services to you and to keep you informed of our activities. We do not rent, sell, or trade our mailing lists. Neighborhood Allies does partner with other companies or non-profit organizations to deliver services or educational programs. In those cases, you will be contacted but your personal information will not be transferred to the partner.  If you wish to be removed from our contact list, please email and we will gladly accommodate your request.


The information provided in this privacy policy should not be construed as giving business, legal, or other advice, or warranting as fail-proof the privacy controls and security of information provided by clients to Neighborhood Allies. Neighborhood Allies also reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time.


If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Neighborhood Allies.

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