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Training & Technical Assistance

Entrepreneurs Forever

Entrepreneurs Forever (eforever) provides valuable support and guidance for entrepreneurs through a system of community-based peer groups. Together, business owners give and receive support, work through challenges, and cultivate the skills that stabilize and grow their businesses.

  • Peer Groups: Groups meet for two hours and consist of 6-12 entrepreneurs from a mix of different industries. Each group also has a trained facilitator, a former or current experienced business owner, who introduces critical topic areas and provides models for how to work through various business issues.
  • One-on-One Coaching: Through our eforever facilitators, members can access a variety of other eforever staff members that have subject matter expertise in specific content areas or can connect them with other experts. From time to time, critical issues arise in businesses that require more intensive coaching, and the eforever staff is available for extra assistance. 
  • National Network: The eforever program has more than 300 members and alumni. Originally launched in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the eforever program has also expanded to Massachusetts. As the program grows across the country, each eforever member will gain access to a national network of entrepreneurs. Follow eforever on Facebook and Instagram where members from across the country are highlighted weekly. 

Phone: (412) 489-6183


GTECH’s methodology is the core component of their programming. They believe that investigation is an ideal starting point to addressing systematic problems that communities face. Their four-pronged approach is based on their experience in planning, community engagement and on-the-ground implementation.


The ReClaim team is composed of designers, policy specialists, social innovators, landscape architects and community organizers.

ReEnergize PGH is a coordinated effort of over 40 organizations to reduce overall home energy consumption throughout Allegheny County.

6587 Hamilton Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pa 15206

Phone: (412) 361-2099


The Forbes Funds

The Forbes Funds focuses on strengthening the management capacity and impact of community nonprofits individually and collectively through:

  • Capacity Building: Providing nonprofits with resources, through grantmaking and cohorts, and learning forums to enable them to manage a disruptive event, reframe their thinking about a specific issue that impacts operations, and prepare for the future.  Priority is given to human services and community development organizations in Allegheny County.
  • Social Innovation: Accelerating the development of operating models and technological innovation to reduce expense and/or increase impact for our community nonprofit organizations.

Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership: Leveraging the collective strength of the sector to inform policy, give input to community priorities and strategies, and increase their purchasing power.


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