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Build Strong Networks and Collaborations

At Neighborhood Allies, we believe that there is great efficiency and alignment achieved when we work together. We put effort into creating strong collaborations and networks that look and work beyond organizational walls to the greater good of neighborhoods and people. Through networks and collaborative groups, we carry out much of this impactful capacity building work. We focus on (1) expanding existing networks (2) building and supporting new networks (3) fostering collaborations within and across neighborhoods and (4) creating shared service capacity to organizations.

We have a number of goals through our networks. We are working closely with capacity building intermediaries of our Partnership Network to identify, integrate, and align training and education opportunities for residents and community based organizations. Through our REAL Network (Real Estate Allies Leadership), we work with community leaders, finance providers, and developer to increase awareness and understanding of real estate project opportunities and bolster projects that demonstrate community enhancing components, such as positive resident impact like jobs, and integration with community visions that fit within the neighborhood plans. Through our Asset & Opportunity Network, we bring together advocates, practitioners, and policymakers with the goal of increasing the connectivity, exposure, and effectiveness of local program and policy initiatives that are focused on wealth- and asset-building.

Let's be allies!