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Cultivate a Cadre of Resident Change Makers

In the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) model, these assets are leveraged, inform, and strengthen the community revitalization work.

In contrast, in a needs-based approach, foundations, public partners, and organizations ignore these assets and treat people and communities as fundamentally deficient, “teaching people the nature and extent of their problems, and the value of services as the answer to their problems.” We are looking inward into our communities because we believe that, in our low-income communities, individuals, associations, and institutions show tremendous evidence of strength in the face of racial, discriminatory, and inequitable experiences and policies. We believe the residents already have the problem solving capacities required to solve the problems that they and their neighbors face.

Through our various efforts, we are working to identify the problem solving capacities of residents and provide the education, platform, and connections that increase their ability and accessibility to create change for their neighborhoods.

Let's be allies!