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Develop the Skills and Increase the Know-how of Community Organizations

One piece of our technical assistance is building awareness within organizations about the complexity of their communities and their effectiveness in creating change. Since organizations’ metrics of success reside in how they—in partnership with other agencies and individuals—affect change in the long term, it is critical that organizations are able to understand their work in perspective of its effect on community.

We provide organizations education and training on a variety of community development topics through our Real Estate Co-powerment Series, Placemaking Academy, and Credit Building and Financial Empowerment trainings. We are also beginning training in managing affordable housing projects through the Affordable Housing Impact Fund.  See below to learn more about our programming!

Ongoing, we invite organizations to share specific areas of growth and improvement with us. We use this information to determine more potential program or technical assistance that may increase organizational impact on the ground.  Share this information with Shikha Jerath, Program Coordinator of Community Building and Civic Engagement at

Let's be allies!