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Healthy Neighborhoods Framework

We make and support neighborhood-based investments that seed ideas, help transform vulnerable neighborhoods and identify scalable ways to create positive social impact.

Striving to ensure that all of our residents live in healthy, opportunity-rich, safe neighborhoods of choice, we use an adapted version of the Healthy Neighborhood Approach (developed by national neighborhood strategist David Boehlke), as the framework for our work on the ground in neighborhoods. The elements listed below encompass neighborhood-level strategies that target ways to create the change we want to see in our neighborhoods. This framework guides the implementation of our work and helps us prioritize neighborhood change efforts through the deployment of our complete capital model, focusing on both people and place. Since each of our neighborhoods are unique, with varying neighborhood conditions and local context, our specific strategies toward achieving healthy neighborhoods will differ by neighborhood.

Elements of a Healthy Neighborhood

*While equitable development is the fifth component of our Healthy Neighborhoods Framework, we will focus on it at the regional level. However, we are guided by the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion in all of our work and those principles are embedded within our Neighborhood Level Strategies.

“Healthy Neighborhoods targets outcomes. Conventional neighborhood improvement programs celebrate output numbers: the number of housing units completed, homes sold, or loans made, or the amount of counseling done. These data can be signs of progress but are not necessarily indicators of success. Healthy Neighborhoods outcomes measure whether the neighborhood is improving as a place for neighbors to invest and to build equity and neighborly connections. A laundry list of outputs can look productive, but it can easily divert efforts to achieve the central outcome of neighborhood health.”

–David Boehlke, Great Neighborhoods, Great City: The Healthy Neighborhoods Approach in Baltimore

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