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Community Ownership

A healthy neighborhood has strong community ownership.

Neighborhoods with community ownership have residents, small business owners, community organizations and institutions serving as active participants and key decision-makers in neighborhood revitalization projects. Local residents and leaders have the capacity and community power to create positive change and shape the future of their neighborhood.

Examples of Community Ownership At Work On The Ground In Pittsburgh

ALEC is creating genuine community ownership with Allentown youth through Project HAND (Helping Allentown Neighbors Dream) which guides students to learn about their neighborhood and actively change it. The kids dreamed up a service project that would reduce and prevent litter and successfully raised funds to purchase and install trash cans and recycling bins along Warrington Avenue.

These resident leaders, and Love My Neighbor! grant recipients have harnessed community power and resident capacity to create positive change and shape the future of their neighborhoods.

We are working to create neighborhoods with strong community ownership through these programs and initiatives:

Let's be allies!