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Equitable Development

A healthy neighborhood puts equitable development at the forefront.

A neighborhood that prioritizes equity is one where everyone participates in and benefits from the region’s economic transformation — especially low-income residents, communities of color, immigrants, and others at risk of being left behind. Equitable development requires an intentional focus on eliminating racial inequities and barriers and making investments that yield healthy, safe and opportunity-rich neighborhoods that reflect their culture.

Examples of Equitable Development At Work On The Ground In Pittsburgh

The Riverside Center for Innovation is achieving equitable development by continuously providing a consistent, growth culture for equity for small business ownership, development and support structures, assisting those at risk of being left behind. They work past neighborhood boundaries providing stable programs, specifically targeting populations to serve, and developing programming to support their needs.

ACTION Housing, Inc. is eliminating inequities and barriers to affordable housing, and making connections that yield healthy, safe and opportunity-rich neighborhoods for all.

We are working to lift up and create equitable development in neighborhoods through these programs and initiatives:

Let's be allies!