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Market Confidence

A healthy neighborhood has market confidence.

Neighborhoods with market confidence have a strong housing market for all income levels and a thriving business district that contributes to rising housing values and residential sales prices. The community manages market forces to prevent displacement of people and local businesses and the neighborhood is a place where people want to live and invest time, resources and capital.

Examples of Market Confidence At Work On The Ground In Pittsburgh

The URA is creating market confidence in neighborhoods across the City of Pittsburgh through their comprehensive program offerings that address everything from utilizing small MWDBE-owned businesses to maintain vacant lots, offering easy access to small business micro loans paired with technical assistance and training opportunities, providing facade improvement grants to business corridors, and launching the Housing Opportunity Fund which is set to receive at least several million dollars a year for affordable housing programs.

New Sun Rising is catalyzing a sustainability infrastructure to ensure that people can invest in the future of Millvale with confidence.

We are working to create neighborhoods with market confidence through these programs and initiatives:

Let's be allies!