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Celebrated Neighborhood Image

A healthy neighborhood has an image that is celebrated.

Neighborhoods with a celebrated image are places that are visually appealing and desirable to all, celebrating neighborhood pride and attracting new people and investment while retaining new and long-term residents.

Examples of Celebrated Neighborhood Image At Work On The Ground In Pittsburgh

The Afro American Music Institute has been celebrating the image and culture of Homewood for over 35 years. The Johnson’s, who lead the institute, have made it their lives’ mission to preserve and promote music in the Afro American tradition. They are an inter-generational school, with students as young as three years and as senior as ninety two. Many students of AAMI go on to tour professionally all over the world, and each one carries the legacy of Homewood and Pittsburgh jazz with them.

The Mission Continues Pittsburgh in partnership with Homewood Community Sports is igniting the Homewood community and empowering them to envision and creative positive change.

We are working to create neighborhoods with a celebrated image through these programs and initiatives:

Let's be allies!