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Quality of Life

A healthy neighborhood offers a good quality of life for all residents.

Neighborhoods that have a high quality of life are places where residents are able to access the larger economy and quality neighborhood amenities. They are able to build assets, accumulate wealth and connect to economic opportunities and their neighborhood is safe and the environment and social determinants of health positively impact the well-being of families and neighbors.

Examples of Improved Quality of Life At Work On The Ground in Pittsburgh

The Trade Institute of Pittsburgh is improving the quality of life for so many, by providing job training and job placement to individuals who are coming from impoverished backgrounds, positioning them not only to provide for themselves and their families, but also their communities.

FOCUS Pittsburgh’s Trauma-Informed Community Development Initiative is focusing on building up residents to create a better quality of life in the neighborhood.

We are working to create neighborhoods with good quality of life through these programs and initiatives:

Let's be allies!