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Focus Neighborhoods

Despite many success stories of neighborhood turnaround, initial analysis indicates that more than 80,000 Pittsburghers are still living in neighborhoods where indicators related to education, poverty, crime and asset-building demonstrate generations of disinvestment.

Our Healthy Neighborhoods Framework* is the foundation of all of Neighborhood Allies’ work, including our work on the ground in neighborhoods. We use it to prioritize change efforts and to guide us to the change that we seek throughout Pittsburgh. Our ultimate goal is to invest in, help build and maintain healthy neighborhoods by equitably cultivating Market Confidence, Quality of Life, a Celebrated Neighborhood Image and Community Ownership.

Since every neighborhood is unique, with varying conditions, goals and visions, we have developed tailored Neighborhood Level Strategies that outline goals that will move us toward achieving healthy neighborhoods in each of our priority geographies. Our neighborhood-specific strategies and action plans have been, and will continue to be, informed by conversations with our partners, current neighborhood plans, research, data and our organizational capacity. The strategies are solid yet fluid, as conversations with community organizations, residents and experts will continue to inform them. Neighborhood Level Strategies and details for each of our target geographies can be found on the individual neighborhood pages in the side bar to the left.

*While Equitable Development is the fifth component of our Healthy Neighborhoods Framework, we will focus on it at the regional level. However, we are guided by the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion in all of our work and those principles are embedded within our Neighborhood Level Strategies.

Are you wondering how we selected our priority geographies? Here is our rationale.

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