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Community Development Fellowship Program

In 2014, we launched the Community Development Fellowship Program to attract and connect emerging and potential leaders to local community development opportunities. Recruitment efforts are focused on minorities and those who live in underserved communities.Summer 2015 082_edited

Faced with a shortage of minority leadership within the community development system, Neighborhood Allies created a fellowship program to increase leadership capacity among those who have been historically excluded so that communities are not just growing, but are growing equitably; attract and connect emerging and potential leaders to local community development opportunities; and create a mentoring program that pairs community development staff with senior-level professionals in the field.

The role of the fellows is to expand Neighborhood Allies’ current expertise, capacity, and credibility to provide additional services, resources, and connections to Pittsburgh’s communities of need.

In early 2017, with generous support of Staunton Farm Foundation, we are launching our Community Trauma Fellowship. The role of this fellow will be to expand our collective understanding within the area of trauma by deeply researching, examining and strategizing a more comprehensive approach to neighborhood development in order to address long-term, deeply rooted, systemic issues affecting our communities. This work will help strengthen ongoing efforts to advance trauma awareness in community building and help facilitate access to mental and behavioral health services at the neighborhood level. Stay tuned for updates soon!

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