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Financial Opportunity Centers (FOC)

In 2015, with technical support from Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and financial support from local partners, we launched our local Financial Opportunity Centers (FOC) in/around Pittsburgh to help low and moderate income families build assets and attain financial stability and upward mobility.

Since launching in 2015, our local network of FOCs have provided bundled services to over 2000 individuals. Over 1000 people have obtained employment and over 850 have increased their net income. Read our 2017 FOC Impact Statement to learn more and meet some local folks benefiting from the services provided at FOCs in Pittsburgh!

Based on the Center for Working Families model developed by The Annie E. Casey Foundation, FOCs provide an integrated or “bundled” set of three core services: 1) employment services, 2) financial education and coaching, and 3) access to income supports. For more information visit the LISC FOC Network Website.

“The FOC model focuses on improving the financial bottom line for low-to moderate-income families and helping people change their financial behavior in a way that encourages a long-term commitment to increasing income, decreasing expenses, building credit, and acquiring assets.”

Neighborhood Allies serves as the funding and technical assistance provider for these centers locally, and brings training in best practices, access to local and national funding relationships, promotions and communications, and shared data management software to track outcomes. Local financial support from BNY Mellon Foundation, Buhl Foundation, First Commonwealth Bank, First National Bank, Hillman Foundation, Roy A. Hunt Foundation, Huntington Bank, PNC Bank has made this initiative possible. Learn more about our three FOC locations:

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