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Project Hope

We believe that hope is a key driver of behavior and decisions, both financially and socially. Increased levels of hope can be a powerful means to transform neighborhoods by bolstering residents’ imagination, self-confidence and resilience to improve their community and themselves.

IMG_0150Through a partnership with a student team at Carnegie Mellon University, we have received a survey tool to collect data and variables of hope at the individual level and creates an algorithm that processes variables into a mathematical equation resulting in a “Hope Score,” and a user interface that can produce graphics and tell us the “story” of the data.

We are partnering with CMU’s School of Computer Science (led by Michael I. Shamos, Ph.D., J.D., a distinguished career professor and intellectual property attorney), to enhance the Project HOPE prototype and receive a Project HOPE software application. Together with the CMU team, we will determine how best to ensure the application is distributed, used, and understood by the community to measure trends and determine appropriate interventions that address underlying issues.

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