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Real Estate Allies Leadership (REAL) Network

The objective of the REAL Network is to ensure the greatest level of awareness and information/knowledge sharing of real estate project opportunities and training among community leaders, finance providers and developers.

The REAL Network works to bolster projects that demonstrate community enhancing components, such as positive resident impact like jobs, and integration with community visions that fit within the neighborhood plans. The Network was created to build capacity in neighborhoods that have not yet realized a key benefit of new development and connect them with the broadest array of applicable funding and technical resources.
2015-08-03 11.57.21 (2)The primary goals of the REAL Network include:

  1. Identify ways to better coordinate the community development financing system.
  2. Address key funding gaps in the system and new financing tools.
  3. Increase the flow of community development real estate capital into distressed and transitioning neighborhoods.
  4. Strengthen the capacity of neighborhood partners to execute equitable real estate projects.

Anyone interested in joining the REAL Network can contact Presley Gillespie at

The ultimate hope is that through the Network we can raise the bar to attract more neighborhood-based capital, deploy it more efficiently, and for the benefit of all residents in our most vulnerable neighborhoods.

–Presley Gillespie, President

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