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At Neighborhood Allies, we believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Creating meaningful and measurable change in the lives of those living in our neighborhoods requires collaboration among diverse stakeholders. To make this happen, we need partners, we need advocates and we need ideas. We invite you to join us in alliance as we help residents and organizations do their best work to lead their own neighborhood revitalization. 

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It is through our partners’ creativity, generosity and trust that we continue to serve our communities today, while reimagining and rebuilding a better tomorrow. Partnerships are no longer an option; they are essential to comprehensive community development. No single person or entity has the expertise, resources or reach to effectively address these complex challenges alone. Instead, it will take a collaborative effort among the public, private and nonprofit sectors to move forward.


With your support and partnership, we promise to create pathways of opportunity that lead to healthy neighborhoods. All donations will be used to directly support the advancement of our mission.

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Top Header Image Photo Credit: ‘Homewood is Home’ mural by Camerin Nesbit, as part of The Homewood Experience.