Advance equity

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Our commitment to equity is grounded in being a leading change agent of equitable growth for the Pittsburgh region, which starts both in our own organization and in the neighborhoods we serve. Since Neighborhood Allies’ inception in 2014, the highest ideals of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion have been core to who we are and all that we do. From intentionally increasing the levels of diversity amongst our board and staff, to directing a majority of our investments and support towards Black-led organizations, MWDBE firms and communities of color, JEDI is the driving force behind our work. Read more about Neighborhood Allies’ internal path to equity here

Yet, our equity efforts will continue to expand and evolve, as we still have a lot to learn and much more work to do. Together with our partners, we collaborate with humility and curiosity as we acknowledge that no one has all the answers and that we cannot achieve our goals without listening and collaborating with others. As a funder, actor and partner, serving in the equitable development space, we apply a trust-based lens towards our work where we share and cede power to our grantee-partners who are closer to the issues we seek to address. 

While equity is the very foundation of everything we do, we work directly towards our equity goals through a variety of program initiatives: 


Grants/Funding Initiatives

Economic Opportunity Initiatives

Community Mental Health

Digital Equity and Inclusion

Real Estate Services

Equitable Systems Change

RISE HIGH Internal Equity Team

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