Neighborhood Allies honored by American Institute of Architects (AIA) Pennsylvania at 2023 Architectural Excellence Awards

Nov 30, 2023

Neighborhood Allies was recently awarded the prestigious 2023 AIA Pennsylvania Raymond J. Sinagra, AIA, Allied Trades Award! News of the award was debuted on November 16th during the AIA Pennsylvania Architectural Excellence Awards via Broadcast & Viewing Parties with AIA chapters across Pennsylvania. We celebrated alongside colleagues and members of AIA Pittsburgh at Rothchild Doyno Collaborative with a happy hour and local awards reception. You can watch the full broadcast here:

This esteemed recognition is presented to a contractor, developer, civil engineer, or other allied professional whose contributions to the built environment bring architects’ work into reality and uphold the tenets of design, sustainability, and collaboration. We are exceptionally honored to receive this award from AIA Pennsylvania acknowledging our significant impact in placemaking, place-keeping, and community-driven real estate development in the Pittsburgh Region through our Social Impact Design (SID) and Real Estate Programs.

As Tamara Emswiler, Senior Program Manager for Social Impact Design, aptly puts it, “Recognizing the
architects, developers, and allied professionals who champion community-driven initiatives is not just a celebration of their talent; it’s an affirmation of the transformative power that arises when we design with the community, for the community. Together, we build not just structures but legacies, fostering resilient and equitable neighborhoods that stand as a successful testament to the hard work done through the Social Impact Design program and its Equity-Centered Designer network, showcasing the elevated impact of collective vision and shared purpose.”

Neighborhood Allies extends an enthusiastic invitation to architects who share our passion for community driven, equitable design to join our thriving Equity-Centered Designer network. For those interested in exploring collaboration opportunities and learning more about our initiatives, we welcome you to request a meeting. Please direct your inquiries to Tamara Emswiler at

Top Header Image Photo Credit: Prototyping Larimer Stories by artist John Peña, photo by OPA