Your Ally

Our North Star Goal is to expand our resources to Accelerate, Scale, and Sustain the work of our community partners to create healthy neighborhoods of opportunity and move 100,000 low-income Pittsburghers up the socio-economic ladder, over the next 10 years. 

We support people and organizations by providing onramps to prosperity through capital programs and strategic resources, connect community builders together to forge stronger networks and collaborations that drive transformative change and impact the community by co-creating solutions to long-term social problems. Using our Healthy Neighborhoods Framework as our roadmap, we make and support neighborhood-based investments that seed creative community ideas.

Our 3-Year Roadmap outlines our ambitious goals and priorities between 2021 – 2023, that will guide us along our journey to reach our North Star Goal by 2031. Over the next three years we will bring together more people, knowledge, and financial resources to implement our boldest, most ambitious plan in our history. We will seek radical shifts to our norms and traditional systems—systems that have deliberately been structured to leave those who are most impacted out of the decision-making process and that widen the racial wealth gap. 

Mission & Role


Our vision is for all neighborhoods to be resilient, thriving, and equitable.


Our mission is to engage Pittsburgh area residents and organizations with innovative tools that expand opportunity for transformative community change. 


We believe the elimination of barriers begins with uplifting creative community ideas.


We promise to create pathways of opportunity that lead to healthy neighborhoods.

Core Values

  • Collaboration: We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We are unselfish in our commitment to partnering to achieve the greatest impact for our residents and community stakeholders.
  • Equity: We are champions in social justice and working towards a more equitable society that is inclusive and accessible for all.
  • Flexibility: We believe in being agile and adaptable to the evolving needs of the community and environment we work within.
  • Innovation: We are creative and believe in taking risks while continuously thinking ahead of the curve in order to anticipate future needs and drive progress.
  • Compassion: We are servant leaders to each other and, being stewards of the communities we serve, have compassion for the people we serve.
  • Accountability: We will maintain a clear understanding of our goals and take responsibility for our actions and outcomes.

Equity & Inclusion Statement

We center our work and investments to foster a more just, fair, and inclusive society in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. We emphasize the importance of racial equity–the condition achieved when one’s identity no longer statistically predicts how one fares. Racial equity is a part of racial justice and thus we work to address root causes of inequities and not just their manifestations.

We do not discriminate against Race, Ethnicity, Religious Belief, Gender, Gender Identity or Expression, Age, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Military/Veteran Status, Color, National Origin, Creed, genetic information, family responsibilities, or any other characteristics protected by applicable federal, state, or local law. 


In 2014, Neighborhood Allies re-launched as a new and improved, 21st century community development intermediary with a renewed and revamped commitment to improving the social and physical infrastructures of Pittsburgh’s under-resourced and under-served communities.

For almost 30 years prior to the launch of Neighborhood Allies, we operated as the Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development (PPND), an organization dedicated to the core mission of creating vibrant communities in Pittsburgh.