Our Catalytic Grants at Work On The Ground: OBB

Jun 24, 2016

Last year, we awarded $75,000 to our allies at Operation Better Block, Inc. (OBB) to support their Cluster Planning Placemaking project, focusing on Cluster Four and making visible and impactful change in accordance with the resident’s wants and needs.

The objective of this catalytic investment was to implement the resident-driven vision and broader cluster four vision by continuing blight removal in conjunction with placemaking efforts to truly make an impact in one of the most catalytic parts of Homewood. OBB has worked within this small target area of the neighborhood for over five years, doing everything from homeowner stabilization and job training, to foreclosure interventions and budget and credit counseling. With our funding, OBB is completing basic home repairs on six different occupied houses, making the homes code compliant and safe for the residents.

Additionally, several years ago, the residents living in Cluster Four participated in a visioning process for the area surrounding their homes. One of the key features that residents agreed upon was the need for a playspace for the children who live nearby. With the help of our catalytic investment, OBB acquired vacant lots, remediated them, and earlier this week, we all rallied together to turn them into productive and beautiful spaces for the children to play in!

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Top Header Image Photo Credit: Prototyping Larimer Stories by artist John Peña, photo by OPA