Globally Recognized Community Development Practitioner Visits Pittsburgh to Talk Community-Level Change

Oct 24, 2017

The Heinz Awards, in partnership with Neighborhood Allies, the Department of Human Services and the Heinz Endowments welcomed globally recognized community development practitioner, Angela Blanchard to Pittsburgh to present a workshop on her groundbreaking approach to transforming cities. 

  • Photo Credit | Rene Rosensteel

Angela Blanchard, CEO of Houston’s BakerRipley (formerly Neighborhood Centers) visited Pittsburgh last week to accept the Heinz Award for the Human Condition from the Heinz Family Foundation. During her visit, she was kind enough to host a workshop for local organizations on the process she has developed for revitalizing metropolitan areas into healthy, thriving communities that are welcoming, rich in diversity. During the workshop, participants learned a groundbreaking appreciative approach to transforming organizations, communities and cities based on what’s working and what’s strong like:

  • Recognize that change begins with the first “new” question
  • Asset Based Community Development builds from strength and aspirations, not from what’s broken
  • Only work where you’re invited; otherwise is colonization

Angela challenged the attendees to think about Pittsburgh’s most compelling challenges and how we can focus on and build upon what’s already working in neighborhoods in our pursuit of revitalization. For more information on Angela’s work, visit the Baker Ripley website!



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