Larimer Consensus Group Celebrates Its Progress with Open House

Aug 23, 2016

On Friday, August 19th, 2016, Neighborhood Allies celebrated alongside the Larimer Consensus Group (LCG) to officially open their office space at the Environment and Energy Community Outreach (EECO) Center!DSCN2739

The EECO Center, built on the site of a former BP gas station is located at the corner of East Liberty Boulevard and Larimer Avenue and is one of the gateways to the Larimer neighborhood. The EECO Center will serve as a hub for the LCG to provide services, information and referrals to the community and will be a place for neighborhood meetings to take place.

DSCN2746_editedAt the Open House event, guests were greeted to fun, food and refreshments and provided with an opportunity to tour the facility. The festivities were culminated with presentations from:

  • Presley Gillespie, describing Neighborhood Allies investments and long-term commitment to Larimer;
  • Betty Lane, a long-time Larimer resident who provided a historical perspective of the community and highlighted its many accomplishments;
  • Stanley Holbrook, LCG Neighborhood Improvement Specialist, led an overview of projects currently happening in Larimer and those on the horizon;
  • Youth from the Made Right Here program in Larimer showcased a prototype of the neighborhood gateway sign that they developed that will be placed at the intersection of Larimer Avenue and East Liberty Boulevard.

Additionally, in a surprise announcement, Stanley Holbrook acknowledged that earlier in the day, the LCG was awarded a grant in the amount of $85,000 from the Allegheny County Community Infrastructure and Tourism Fund (CITF)! The award will help provide the LCG with the critical resources needed to purchase the necessary equipment and procure the technical services required to operate the Center.DSCN2749  DSCN2748

We are a proud partner of the LCG and continue to be inspired by their commitment, hard work and rapid growth. Since our Catalytic grant investment to the LCG in 2014, they’ve hired a full-time employee, two part-time staff persons, become a 501c3 organization, leveraged over $400,000 in new funding and now have a home to call their own! We are excited and look forward to working with the LCG in their community-driven, neighborhood revitalization efforts.

About the LCG: The LCG serves as a citizen-driven forum for neighborhood planning, implementation and transformation and is recognized as the community-based organization of record for Larimer. The mission of the LCG is to stabilize, strengthen and grow the community of Larimer through strong communication networks, strategic partnerships and open participatory processes that empower everyone in the community. The work of the LCG is complimented by the Larimer Action Teams who focus on visible outcomes and action- getting projects done in the neighborhood while the larger, long-term planning initiatives are under way.

About the EECO Center: The site is currently owned by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and the LCG leases the building from the URA. The building itself is a living demonstration of green technologies such as rainwater harvesting, LED lighting, low-water use plumbing fixtures, geothermal walls, solar panels and more.

Top Header Image Photo Credit: Prototyping Larimer Stories by artist John Peña, photo by OPA