Love My Neighbor! | At Work On The Ground in Homewood

Jul 20, 2018

The Love My Neighbor! Program is supporting 50 amazing resident-led and driven projects in 2018! Here’s a closer look at just a couple of the projects that are happening in Homewood this summer.

Zinna Scott | Homewood | Community Rain Garden

The Homewood South Rain Garden sits on a corner vacant lot directly across from the East Busway. This project took a blight ridden, high-traffic corner right at the entry of the neighborhood and turned it into a green space the community can gather in and be proud of. On top of that, the rain garden diverts rain water from the sewer systems and stops the buildup of ponding water in the street.

Zinna and her neighbors have partnered with Neighborhood Allies, Operation Better Block, The Trade Institute of Pittsburgh, Grounded Strategies, Junior Green Corps, the University of Pittsburgh, the City of Pittsburgh, among others to create a space that builds and promotes community and addresses environmental and sustainability concerns while connecting long-time residents to youth living in and visiting the neighborhood. They also hope to design and implement green infrastructure on this site in the future.

With Neighborhood Allies support, Zinna and her neighbors were able to rent the heavy duty equipment that was needed to remove debris and move heavy stones and old foundations of homes that were once in the lot. They were also able to host a number of community-led clean-up events to get the project site ready for implementation.

Jordana Stephens | Homewood | Perch on a Stone

Perch on a Stone Community Association is a neighborhood portal into a segment of the African-American community that consistently respects the traditional values of legacy, community pride, family and stewardship.

The primary goal of the project is to beautify and enhance the natural terrain that sustains and supports the unique cluster of homes located on the northwestern hillsides of Homewood. The group wants to ensure that this healthy eco-friendly environment is available for families and wildlife species for generations to come.

As community stewards, supporting the environmental and ecological clearing up of debris and redirecting the constant flow of water along Standard Avenue is an integral goal. Perch on a Stone, will also develop partnerships with a wide range of community organizations to improve our environment, create learning and leadership opportunities and develop community gardens.  

With the support of Neighborhood Allies, they have been able to re-establish the traditional block parties that began in the 1970’s. Today, the block parties are a way to say thank you to neighbors for all of the support they provide in creating a caring and supportive neighborhood.


Top Header Image Photo Credit: Prototyping Larimer Stories by artist John Peña, photo by OPA