The Pgh Mobile Toolbox Rolls to Larimer for It’s First Job!

Apr 4, 2017

The PGH Mobile Toolbox officially kicked-off the season on Saturday, April 1st at the African Healing Garden in Larimer. 

When we launched the PGH Mobile Toolbox with GTECH, we had high hopes that it would not only be a tremendous tool for grassroots collaborative efforts to beautify and celebrate our neighborhoods, but also bring neighbors together and unleash their capacity, talents and commitment to their neighborhoods. On it’s very first assignment, it did just that!

The toolbox took it’s inaugural trip to Larimer this past Saturday, where the community’s African Healing Garden got some love to prepare for the spring season. The African Healing Garden offers a unique experience for everyone–Larimer residents, school students, club members, and specialized classes such as yoga and tai chi are among some of the visitors who visit and use the garden and examine it’s delectable’s. The garden was created to allow neighbors not only to become better acquainted with each other, but to realize that the definition of “neighbor” is not limited to those who live in a mutual vicinity.

In addition to cleaning up trash, pulling weeds and pruning trees, the team, led by Miss Betty Lane, Ben Ledewitz, and DECO Resources, collected more than twenty soil samples that will be screened with support from the Allegheny County Conservation District. Work in the garden will continue with plantings and events throughout the spring and summer!

Interested in hosting your very own workday? Visit the Lots To Love website to learn more and even reserve the PGH Mobile Toolbox for your community project!

Top Header Image Photo Credit: Prototyping Larimer Stories by artist John Peña, photo by OPA