Please Join Us in Congratulating Itha Cao and Tamara Emswiler on their New Positions at Neighborhood Allies

Jan 26, 2022

Itha has been promoted to Director of Digital Inclusion and Innovation! 

As Director of Digital Inclusion and Innovation, Itha will lead priority initiatives that improve resident access to the three critical pieces of achieving a high quality of life in the 21st century: computer literacy skills, computer ownership, and high speed internet. The formal launch of Community Learning Centers in Homewood through Level Up 412  and the continuation of the Beyond the Laptops program will provide community members of all ages with the tools they deserve to learn, work, and live.

Itha Cao, Director of Digital Inclusion and Innovation

“Itha’s years of experience in the digital equity space andprogramming is a gift and asset to our organization. In just the limited time she has been on the Neighborhood Allies team, she has been steadfast in making sure that critical partnerships in this space are strengthened and maintained. I’m impressed with her abilities and commitment to our mission. I look forward to seeing where Itha takes the digital equity and access space!”

Stephanie Chernay, Chief Operating Officer

Tamara has been promoted to Senior Program Manager for Social Impact Design!

As Senior Program Manager for Social Impact Design, Tamara will launch the new Social Impact Design Department at Neighborhood Allies which will center the voices and stories of our priority neighborhoods and ensure that design justice and equity principles are implemented in an intentional way that always puts community needs first. In this role she will oversee a project portfolio that includes architectural and urban design, public art, and place-keeping. With her leadership, this department will pilot a new program that will provide storytelling and design services to support the realization of community projects by acting as a translator of community visions to architects, urban designers, and artists.

Tamara Emswiler, Senior Program Manager for Social Impact Design

“Tamara has grown tremendously in her leadership and technical skills. We are so lucky to have her talent and passion on our team.She continues to bring her best to our programs and teams and we cannot wait to see what 2022 brings for her diverse offering of programs and talents!”

Stephanie Chernay, Chief Operating Officer

Top Header Image Photo Credit: Prototyping Larimer Stories by artist John Peña, photo by OPA