SHORE Hosts Its First Ever House Tour

Aug 7, 2019

On Saturday, August 3rd the Schenley Heights Organized Revitalization Effort (SHORE) hosted its first ever House Tour to showcase and explore collaborative community revitalization initiatives as well as some of the completed and upcoming projects happening throughout the community.

Over 50 people gathered throughout the day in Schenley Heights to experience and learn about the revitalization efforts happening throughout the community. The guided tour included 12 homes which ranged from nearly completed projects, future homes to be completed, and current rehabs done with our SHORE partners. 

SHORE partners were stationed throughout the tour to explain the work taking place at each of the houses in the Schenley Heights area of the Upper Hill. For example, the Hill CDC and the Schenley Heights Collaborative discussed their respective properties on Anaheim St., Bryn Mawr Road, and Shawnee Street that are undergoing full or partial renovation or rehabilitation. Several of these properties already have buyers lined up while the others are still waiting for offers. Regardless, each property will be sold at an affordable price – typically 50-80% of the area median income, or as close to the cost of acquistion and renovation as possible.

A short walk away, FOCUS Pittsburgh and Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh (RTP) discussed their collaborative work on Cherokee St. On this block of Schenley Heights, RTP has provided vital home repairs and renovations for low-income homeowners, such as the addition of handrails, window replacements, installation of fire alarms and CO monitors, and more. Simultaneously, FOCUS Pittsburgh began implementation of their trauma informed micro-community block program to help residents engage with neighbors and take ownership over their block. In this program, residents of each block work with FOCUS to create a H.O.P.E. plan, which encourages a focus on Health and Wellbeing, Opportunity Making, Placemaking, and Engaging Influencers.

“The goal of this tour was to lift up and showcase both the opportunities and successes that are happening on the ground by and for residents in the community. It was great to bring neighbors and investors together to experience the work and progress of the neighborhood. It was amazing to see Ms. Robinson, a former resident in one of the rehab homes, come and tell stories.” 

-Glenn Grayson, Jr.

Check our Ms. Robinson visiting her childhood home in this video!

The SHORE partnership grew out of a proven alignment among the five partnering organizations’ work. Together, we are attempting to tackle the important concern of affordable homeownership in the Hill District while also actively engaging current community members in any community development process. Our goal is to continue our collaboration in the Hill District and work to revitalize the community with the input of residents and valued community organizations.

For more information on SHORE contact Glenn Grayson Jr. at

About SHORE: The Schenley Heights Organized Revitalization Effort (SHORE), is a collaborative of community based organization, public agencies, nonprofit institutions, and private entities who are working together to increase the number of affordable homeownership opportunities in the Upper Hill. In addition, we work with existing homeowners to help stabilize their properties and engage with residents to help improve the overall quality of life in the neighborhood.

Top Header Image Photo Credit: Prototyping Larimer Stories by artist John Peña, photo by OPA