$100,000 Grant From the Staunton Farm Foundation Supports Neighborhood Allies’ Commitment to Equity

Apr 6, 2023

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Staunton Farm Foundation for their generous support as we continue our journey along the path of equity and inclusion. 

The Neighborhood Allies team is a very diverse group of individuals, coming from various backgrounds and having different identities and perspectives. Thus, it is important that we consistently cultivate a work culture and environment where we all feel welcomed, respected, supported and appreciated; especially when engaging directly in sensitive subject matters related to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) and mental health.

With this funding, we will continue to provide professional JEDI and mental health training for staff, and we will extend invitations to board members and core partners to participate in select workshops. These resources will also supplement our RISE HIGH Grant Partnership Program where we will have added dollars to support the capacity needs of up to four Black led organizations who are leading mental health related initiatives.

The implementation of these strategic approaches positions our organization to further analyze racial barriers that limit opportunity and also to address those barriers when and where we can make demonstrable positive change in communities.

Our Commitment to Equity

We center our work and investments to foster a more just, fair, and inclusive society in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. We emphasize the importance of racial equity—the condition achieved when one’s identity no longer statistically predicts how one fares. Racial equity is a part of racial justice and thus we work to address root causes of inequities and not just their manifestations.

For more information on our work to Advance Equity, please contact our Director of Equity and Inclusion, Shad Henderson (

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