Neighborhood Allies Director Recognized for National Steering Committee

Sep 18, 2023

Sarah Dieleman Perry, our Director of Economic Opportunity has been appointed to Prosperity Now’s Financial Security Network (FSN) Steering Committee. Sarah joins this committee with 12 leading financial empowerment experts from across the county to increase the Network’s vibrancy, engagement and effectiveness.

The FSN fosters collaboration among practitioners, advocates, researchers, funders and intermediaries who are working to support individuals and households of color and historically marginalized communities to achieve financial security by providing learning opportunities, lifting up and incubating solutions and advocating for policy solutions that enhance, support and protect household financial security.

The role of this committee is to ensure that people of color have: 1) access to equitable assets to increase and achieve opportunities such as homeownership, education, entrepreneurship and well-being in order to close the racial wealth gap; 2) enough income and supports to meet the cost of living in their communities and to begin building wealth and assets, while working at quality jobs, and; 3) increased access to credit, safe and affordable financial products and services and pathways to reduce harmful debt. The committee will also ensure that policies and programs are written, designed and administered equitably and inclusively, regardless of race and/or income.

Please join us in congratulating Sarah on this appointment!

Top Header Image Photo Credit: Prototyping Larimer Stories by artist John Peña, photo by OPA