Neighborhood Allies Helps Five Organizations RISE HIGH Through Equity Investments

May 31, 2023

At Neighborhood Allies, we have an internal team that operates to lead and implement racially inclusive solutions for equity, healing, impact, growth and health-we fondly refer to that team as RISE HIGH. The notion of RISE HIGH is embedded throughout our organization’s culture, and it is also the namesake and foundation of our RISE HIGH Grant Partnership Program

Today, we’re happy to share that we are funding and partnering with five local organizations, four being MWDBE-led, in the 2023 Spring Grant Round! Each of the following organizations will be awarded a $15,000 Growth Grant to achieve measurable equity and inclusion results through their programs:

  • A’S Vision (MWBDE): A’s Vision was created after the unexpected death of Aaron Wade Jr., the Executive Director’s son. Their mission is to provide inner-city youth with critical life skills that will put them on track to be successful, responsible young adults. They believe that obtaining a driver’s license is one of the first steps in becoming a mature, responsible, workforce ready adult. With this grant, at least 15 youth/adults will become licensed drivers and open new $100 savings accounts.
  • APS Youth Networking Agency (MWBDE): APS’s mission is to provide agency and guidance for youth entering 9th grade to pursue their academic, personal, and social goals while building a network of resources and support around them that lasts into their adulthood. To accomplish this, they will match each student with an APS Agent who will help them identify and outline their goals, strengths, and needs. APS Agents will also act on students’ behalf to consult with and guide them as they pursue supports, resources, and opportunities and maximize the use of technological resources to accomplish their goals throughout high school and beyond.
  • Handmade Arcade: Founded in 2004, Handmade Arcade (HA) supports the region’s creative economy by hosting high-profile, popular markets and educational workshops for makers, craft, and art business owners. Increasing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and accessibility are critical issues that HA is addressing. Through this award, HA will partner with Sustainible to create a pilot BIPOC Maker Accelerator Program to uplift five historically underrepresented BIPOC makers, craftspeople, and artists in the region’s maker ecosystem. A key initiative is diversifying the makers, attendees, and contractors participating in all programs and services.
  • Westinghouse (MWBDE): Westinghouse Youth Wrestling was founded in 2015 as a Pittsburgh based nonprofit organization promoting gender equality, ethnic diversity, outdoor recreation, wrestling, and violence prevention. The organization has served over 200 families since its inception with programs that include life skills, mentoring, fishing and outdoor recreation, and field trips— while centering the sport of wrestling as a catalyst for violence prevention, youth development and scholarship.
  • When She Thrives (MWBDE): When She Thrives is dedicated to equipping single mothers to move their families from poverty to prosperity through advocacy, education, personal + professional development. They envision a world where ALL families thrive through access to health, wealth, and success. They take a holistic and multigenerational approach to both their mission and vision. They will use this grant award for board development activities and to expand their program offerings.

We are excited to partner with, support and leverage each of these organizations. Together, we can achieve measurable equity and inclusion results and expand opportunity for transformative community change in the Pittsburgh area!

The Fall Round of the RISE HIGH Grant Partnership opens Thursday, June 1st, 2023. More information and applications details can be found here. Please send all questions and inquires to:

Top Header Image Photo Credit: Prototyping Larimer Stories by artist John Peña, photo by OPA